Saturday, August 3, 2013

New School Year Resolution

    Lately a lot of the seniors, that recently graduated, have told me I need to stand up for my self and be more assertive. I 100% agree with them!!!! It is a lot more reassuring that I wasn't the only person who noticed the way I was treated. It isn't that I get treated wrong or bullied per say.....but I'm not treated the way I treat others. So I am making a New School Year Resolutions to be stand up for myself and not take as much crap as I have been taking for years.
    The main problem is when I try to do this I feel like I am being mean to people. (I hate and it makes me sick to be mean to anyone.) This year though I'm just not going to care because they don't care about my feelings anyway. I am not going to be openly mean, but return what I am given. If you really know me, you know I am kind and respectful to anyone I meet. That being said, respect me I will respect you!!!
Blog you later!!
Chatty Cathy
Thank you to the Class of 2014 for being great role models and always being there to give me advice and encourage me to be the best me I can!!!! Love you guys and go get what you want!!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hey There Good Looking!!

   Ello!!! This is my new blog!! I really don't like to write, but when I do I use a lot of exclamation marks!!! On this new blog, I will pretty much talk about my family, my friends, my crushes, my obsession, and in general my life. It isn't a phenomenal life to all, but it is mine!!
   A few things about me:
  • I'm a girl!! 
  • I'm 17!!!
  • I'm a high school senior!!!
  • I'm fat!! And proud!!!
  • I have a fro!!!
  • ^^^ I have that because I'm black!!
  • I might be a tad boy crazy!!
  • I'm very intelligent, but I hide it...but not for a boy or anything!! Just because I'm weird!
  • I love to make people laugh!!!
  • I'm toooo loyal and helpful at times!!
  • I have giant, crazy family!!
  • I have the greatest friends in the world!!
    That's all I can think of right now! Haha!! So....Blog you later!!
Chatty Cathy
A few pictures of me!!! You're welcome!!